SAVLON SULZ (PVT.) LIMITED presently maintaining a broad and extensive range of products, ensure that each product coming out of our unit is widely accepted by the textile industry to provide multitude of products.

Company maintains highest quality parameters of Colour Fastness, Dimensional Stability, Quality Finish, Yarn Quality and meets all specific requirements.

Presently the main emphasis is given on offering quality suitings with different blends like:

  • Polyester/Viscose
  • Polyester/Cotton
  • Polyester/Woolen
  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Polyester
  • Lycra
  • Stretch Fabric etc.

Quality Assurance & Inspection Department

Quality is integral to everything at SAVLON SULZ. We adopt a holistic quality assurance system and an integrated system which covers the entire production process, in the choice of raw materials to selection of high-Send machinery.

We believe quality is a continual process. With the focus clearly on delivering quality products and services, we integrate new ideas to constantly innovate and excel. As a result our clients are assured of topnotch quality that is consistent across our product range.

Value of Quality

By a clear comprehension of the market dynamics and the assimilation of cutting-edge technology we ensure that the highest quality standards are met at all times. Quality is a key word in the company. A great stress is given to quality at every stage of production from Raw Material to Finished Product. The in-house designing center creates new designs which are based on the market choice, customer demands, latest trend and climatic conditions etc.

We finish the fabrics according to the quality basic requirements as well as specific requirements of the concerned buyer. We are using following finish:

  • Super Finish
  • KD Finish
  • Teflon Finish
  • Peach Finish
  • Mercerized Finish
  • Chiller Finish
  • Cool Finish
  • Lisa Finish
  • Weight Reduction (WR)
  • Enzyme Finish
  • High Treatment etc.